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We’re Democracy Works, a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the idea that voting should fit the way we live.

After missing several elections as a graduate student living away from home, Seth Flaxman set out to build a reminder system for voters so he would never miss another. From that idea, we formed Democracy Works to bring the awesomeness of the Internet to the process of democracy. TurboVote—our first project—launched in September 2010.

In addition to TurboVote, we’re also the data and technology geeks behind the Voting Information Project, and are developing new tools for local election administrators.

We hope our work can help make voting easy for you, your friends, and your networks.


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Our headquarters is in Brooklyn, NY, with an additional office in Denver, CO. We also have remote employees in Kansas and California.

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TurboVote is an application that makes voting easy.

When you sign up (won’t you sign up?), we keep track of your elections, local and national. And if you need to get registered, update your voter registration, or request an absentee ballot, we’ll get you all the forms and information you need, when you need them.

How does it work?


We make it easy to register and request absentee ballots TurboVote keeps track of registration and vote-by-mail rules for all 50 states, so you don’t have to. And we can even mail you paper copies of your completed forms, with stamped, addressed envelopes for their local election officials.

We help you remember everything (about voting, at least) Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you text and email reminders about registration deadlines, upcoming elections, and more.

We’re always here to help Anything TurboVote can’t handle, help@turbovote.org can.

We <3 our partners We partner with colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations. Our partners help us reach more voters, and often sponsor mailings for their students and members.

Do we partner with your school? Find out!

Privacy and security

We’re here to help you vote, nothing more. And we’re committed to protecting your data, so it’s only ever used to provide you with voting information and services. To that end, we encrypt your connection to our site, so your sign-up information stays just between us. We take precautionary measures to restrict access to only those partners and services we need to make TurboVote run. And we deliberately don’t collect or store ID numbers.

We also don’t sell your information, or share any more than is strictly necessary to power the TurboVote services you know and love. And we’re happy to answer any questions you have about our data and security practices.

Who talks about us?

"A healthy democracy is each person’s responsibility. By utilizing the TurboVote technology platform, the nation’s colleges and universities can bring renewed enthusiasm to our democratic processes." -Eduardo Padron, President of Miami Dade College
"As former Kentucky Secretaries of State, one a Democrat, the other a Republican, we know how important it is for college students to become engaged in our electoral process. That's why we hope you’ll seriously consider implementing [TurboVote]. This movement is indicative of the national effort to strengthen our democracy, bolster civic engagement, and better facilitate voting for students." -Trey Grayson (R) and John Brown III, former Kentucky Secretaries of State
"It’s good to see students develop the habit of voting, because you need an informed and engaged public to have a healthy democracy. We are particularly interested in what TurboVote will do in the four years between the presidential elections, where much of democracy happens on the local level. By reminding people to vote, services such as TurboVote can help citizens engage more routinely in public life." -Alberto Ibargüen, President and CEO of the Knight Foundation
"Social change comes from civic engagement, which starts with voting. Marygrove produces leaders seeking to effect social change. For this reason, Marygrove is pleased to partner with TurboVote to enhance our students’ civic engagement in the electoral process." -David Fike, President of Marygrove College
"Real change can only be accomplished by broadening our efforts to integrate voter registration into the fabric of campus life. We believe every college can provide every student with the information needed to vote in every election. We hope that you will join us and our colleagues around the state in [TurboVote’s] national effort to strengthen our democracy and student engagement." -Former Florida Senator Bob Graham and Congressman Lou Frey

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Who are our partners?

We work primarily with colleges, universities, and civic organizations to engage their students and members in elections. We are a 501(c)(3), and we are committed to non-partisanship, which means we do not partner with candidates, political campaigns, or PAC (527) organizations. If you would like to use TurboVote in your school or organization, please contact us!

See a full list of our college and university partners

TurboVote for schools

TurboVote helps high schools, colleges, and universities improve civic engagement on their campuses and promote electoral participation as a mechanism to achieve broader learning objectives. Institutions of higher education have a unique opportunity to play a role in promoting lifetime voter engagement and TurboVote makes it both easy and cost-effective to do so.

We simplify civic engagement We make it possible to conduct voter engagement without collecting or submitting a single registration form: our partner institutions can reach out to a large number of students in a short amount of time, simply by sharing a link. That ease of sharing makes it possible to embed civic engagement into established processes—like class registration or freshman orientation—and strategically integrate voter engagement into existing student interactions. By targeting processes or sites that touch every student, that single link can make registering to vote a default experience for all students.

I am struck by the idea that TurboVote may be boosting students' learning as well as merely their voting. Peter Levine Director of the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE)

We get students the information they need TurboVote helps institutions ensure that their students have all the information they need to vote. Institutions need only to encourage students to complete a short online process. We then manage a range of individual voting needs—from registration deadlines to local election dates and location-specific regulations—and provide each student with the personalized information and materials that he or she needs in order to vote in every election.

We make it easy to track data and monitor impact Sharing voting and tracking impact are easy with TurboVote. Institutions can carefully track the number of students they have registered, how many have requested absentee ballots, and manage user data for other civic engagement efforts on campus.

Miami Dade College

You have 2643 completed signups at mdc.turbovote.org. That's out of roughly 161,700 undergrads at Miami Dade College. That's 1.63%.

Of those 2643:

  • 1539 have requested registration forms.
  • 1663 have requested absentee ballot request forms.
  • 2324 have requested reminders.

We promote student leadership Student government associations have led TurboVote implementation on many of our partner campuses. We’ve provided support and advice to student leaders as they promote civic engagement among their peers (whether through finding a bottleneck process to reach students, passing student government legislation in support of voter participation, or organizing voter outreach events.) The New Standard for Campus Voter Engagement drew the support of dozens of student government presidents, and continues to engage students as leaders in the process of improving electoral participation.

We help you comply with federal mandates A Dear Colleague Letter released in July 2013 by the Department of Education outlines the Higher Education Act requirement for institutions in most states (and the District of Columbia) to make a “good faith effort” to widely distribute voter registration forms to their students.

The letter highlights a provision included in section 487(a)(23) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and the expansion of that provision in the Higher Education Amendments of 1998.

TurboVote supports institutions by providing a easy way for institutions to ensure compliance with Higher Education Act requirements.

TurboVote for organizations

Voter engagement is tough.

Voter registration drives take time and resources—endless hours standing around with a clipboard trying to get people’s attention, deciphering addresses scribbled in messy handwriting, and shuffling stacks of forms back and forth to the election office.

And the work doesn’t end there. Once registered, you still have to figure out how to get people to the polls—make sure they know where and when they need to vote. This means more time and money spent researching polling locations, putting up signs, going door-to-door. . .

What if all this could be done with the simple click of a button?

TurboVote offers a cost-effective way to conduct robust voter engagement nationwide and save you valuable time and resources. We help you to reach a greater number of potential voters, more quickly and strategically, and keep them engaged throughout the election cycle.

We help you collect data, not paper Get rid of the messy stacks of paper registration forms and endless hours of data entry. Traditional outreach tactics like tabling and door knocking are still important, but our online system makes it easier for you to conduct these efforts. TurboVote lets you promote voter engagement simply by sharing a link.

We make it easy to manage your data and grow your lists Admin pages let you quickly view your data and share it with your team. You can download user information in Excel/CSV files, sort and otherwise manipulate the data and import it back into your own systems.

We make it easy to track progress and evaluate tactics Tracking impact is easy with TurboVote. You’ll have a personalized dashboard that lets you monitor the number of voters you’ve registered, how many users have requested absentee ballots, and other key information that will help you to evaluate your progress. Easy-to-use referral codes also let you compare the effectiveness of your individual outreach tactics, so you can refine your strategy and ensure the best results.

The League of Young Voters

You have 8415 completed signups at theleague.turbovote.org.

Of those 8415:

  • 7448 have requested registration forms.
  • 3403 have requested absentee ballot request forms.
  • 6312 have requested reminders.


Democracy Works is a nonprofit and provides the TurboVote service at a low cost, which helps to reimburse the organization for the cost incurred while serving users.

Standard Partnership

If users need to register or vote by mail, TurboVote offers them the option of receiving paper copies of completed forms by mail, with stamped, pre-addressed envelopes for their local election officials. Institutions reimburse TurboVote for these mailing costs at the standard postage rate.

In addition, organizations pay a small annual base fee that helps TurboVote to cover the costs it incurs while serving users.

Network Partnership

Higher education networks can support their member schools’ voter engagement efforts through an umbrella partnership with TurboVote. Under an umbrella partnership, networks have the opportunity to offer a reduced rate for their individual member institutions.

Subscription pricing

Organizations can choose to pay a set monthly fee based on anticipated user numbers.

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