TurboVote FAQ

What do you do, exactly?

Sign up and see! We handle everything you need to vote:

  • We help you register to vote (or update your voter registration)
  • We help you get absentee ballots and vote by mail
  • And we send you reminders so you never forget to vote
But I can’t actually vote online?
Nope, sorry—we use the Internet to make voting more awesome, but if we’re helping you vote by mail then you still have to mark a paper ballot and mail it in.
How much does it cost?
Signing up for TurboVote is free. If you want for us to mail you completed forms (we include an addressed, stamped envelope for your local election office, so it’s as easy as returning your Netflix DVDs), it costs $1.60 per form, or $5 for all the mailings you need for the year.
Is there any way you’ll mail me things for free?
We partner with colleges, universities, and non-profits to offer free mailings to their students and members. To see if your school or organization offers TurboVote, check out our partnerships list. If you want to start a new partnership with TurboVote, just let us know!
What happens to my personal information?
We’ll never sell your information. We share only with the partners who make this service possible (for example, the people who print and mail all those forms), and we make sure they won’t sell or distribute your information, either. For the full details, check out our privacy policy.
But I’m already registered. Why do I need this?

What, you’ve never missed an election? We love voting, and we’ve definitely missed the opportunity—because we were away at school, or traveling, or just got busy at work.

Or maybe you remember the last time you got to the polls, only to realize there was a new bond issue you hadn’t heard anything about. Did you vote anyway, or did you just leave it blank?

We help give you advance warning, so you can research what’s on the ballot. And we can help you vote by mail, so your location—or schedule—don’t get in the way. We really do make voting easier.

I want to tell everyone!
That’s great! Please feel free to talk about us on Facebook and Twitter.
Can I really vote from home?
In 30 states and the District of Columbia, any voter can request a mail-in (or absentee) ballot, for any reason—and every state allows commuters, college students, and others with valid reasons to vote absentee. Please sign up to learn more about your state’s rules.
But I like my polling place!
Really? Okay, we believe you. Mostly. And we like those little “I voted” stickers ourselves. Anyway, we can still offer you reminders about upcoming elections so the big school board race doesn’t ever slip your mind.
Who’s using TurboVote?
Everyone! (Okay, not quite everyone—yet.) We partner with college, universities, nonprofits and even Google. So even if everyone isn’t using TurboVote, everyone can.
Who are you voting for?
TurboVote is non-partisan. We help all Americans vote, regardless of who they’re voting for.
So why are you doing this?
We love democracy. We really love voting. And we’re sad that the U.S. is 138th in the world in voter turnout—and sadder still that we’ve been part of that problem ourselves. So we built TurboVote for ourselves, and hope that you love it as much as we do.